I Am With God

Nearness of God – My God, Thou hast made me for Thyself; allow that I may come back to Thee and join myself to Thee by adoration.


The entire existence of man is an arrival adventure to God: he originated from God and must return to Him. The more total this arrival, the more cozy his association with God will move toward becoming and the better will he have accomplished the end for which he was made: he will be impeccable and unceasingly upbeat. St. Thomas instructs that a being is impeccable when it achieves its end; in this way the flawlessness of man comprises association with Godin rejoining God and joining himself to Him, his last end. Man finds in association with God all that he can want: he discovers his tranquility, the soothing of his long for the vast, of his hunger for adoration and perpetual felicity. “Thou hast made us for Thyself, O Lord, and our heart is fretful until the point that it rests in Thee” (St. Augustine). Man discovers his interminable bliss in association with God; and the life of paradise is nothing else than this association conveyed to its definitive flawlessness, wherein man gives God the best brilliance and the best love which, thus, redounds to man’s very own unceasing delight.

The spirit that genuinely cherishes God does not leave itself to trusting that paradise all together will be joined to Him, however wants vigorously to foresee this association here underneath. Is this conceivable? Truly, Jesus has said as much: “On the off chance that anybody cherish Me, he will keep My oath, and My Father will love him; and We will come to him and will make Our home him” (John 14:23). Our Lord Himself lets us know in these words the condition for living joined to Him: love. “He that abideth in philanthropy, abideth in God, and God in him” (1 John 4:16). Love is the extraordinary power which joins us to God even in this life, where, detained in issue, we can’t yet appreciate the immediate contact, the vis-à-vis vision of Him.

“The finish of the profound life,” says St. Thomas, “is that man join himself to God by adoration” (Summa Theologica IIa IIae, q.44, a.1, co.). By ventures of affection, gressibus amoris, we advance toward our last end: association with God. Such is the extraordinary perfect which ought to brighten and coordinate as long as we can remember, the incredible objective which, with the awesome help, we can accomplish even here underneath, to the extent is conceivable in our state as pioneers.


“O Jesus, who will give me the elegance to frame one just soul with You? Dismissing the assortment of animals, I want in fact, O Lord, Your solidarity alone! O God, You are the just a single, the sole solidarity vital for my spirit! Ok! dear companion of my heart, join this poor soul of mine to Your solitary goodness! You are totally mine, when will I be all Yours? The magnet draws iron and holds it quick to itself; Lord Jesus, my Beloved, be the magnet of my heart: draw, hold quick, join everlastingly my soul to Your fatherly heart! Gracious, since I was made for You, how could it be that I am not in You? Submerge this drop, which is the soul You have given me, in the ocean of Your integrity, from which it continues. Ruler, seeing that Your heart cherishes me, for what reason do You not lift me up to You, as I so much want? Draw me, and I will keep running in the scent of Your salves until the point that I cast myself into Your arms and never move from thereupon for eternity. So be it” (St. Francis de Sales).

“O Lord, who could portray how incredible a gain it is to cast ourselves into Yours arms and make a concurrence with You: You will deal with my undertakings and I of Yours.

“For what am I, Lord, without You? What am I worth on the off chance that I am not close You? On the off chance that once I stray from Your Majesty, be it little, where will I get myself?

“O my Lord, my Mercy and my Good! What more do I need in this life than to be so close You that there is no division between You and me?

“O Lord of my life, attract me to Yourself, yet do it so that my will may ever remain so joined to You that it will be not able abandon You” (Teresa of Jesus Conceptions of the Love of God 4-3).

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